Now Offering My Eight eBook Volume On HIT and Volume Bodybuilding Training

Now Offering My Eight eBook Volume On HIT and Volume Bodybuilding Training
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Finally a comprehensive volume of nine books on both High Intensity(HIT) and Volume Bodybuilding Training!

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  • Pre-exhaust routines

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  • Forced reps

  • Pure negatives

  • Negative accentuated

  • Superslow

  • Extended Reps

  • Static Holds

  • Isometrics

  • Zone partials

  • Burn reps

  • Rolling static partials

  • HIIT-Lose weight FAST with Interval Training!

  • Unilateral training- why it works better than traditional training

  • Why training smarter -not longer builds muscle faster!

  • How to implement Progressive Overload and Double Progressive Overload to Supercharge Muscle Gains

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Weight training is good for the elderly


Q: Is weight training a good method of exercise for elderly people?
A: Weight training is an excellent method to help condition a person who is elderly in age. As long as a doctor verifies that the individual is in sufficient condition to safely workout and safe training practices are followed, this is an excellent way to tone and strengthen the entire body.

Other forms of exercise such as walking are excellent ways to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and while exercising the muscles of the body, do not exert the same type of force upon the muscles and other tissues of the body as weight training.

It has been shown in medical studies that having weight resistance placed upon the bones causes a thickening of the bone structure and an increase in bone density, helping stave off the effects of osteoporosis.

As we age one of the first muscle groups to lose strength are the legs. This is obvious when you observe many of the elderly walking hunched over and having trouble walking. Walkers are used to brace themselves and prevent falls due to weak leg muscles. Much of this could be avoided had the individual trained themselves with weights.

Some great exercises to use to strengthen the legs are squats done with as low a descent as is safe and comfortable, leg presses on a machine, dumbbell lunges, leg extensions and leg curls.

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