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Friday, March 9, 2012

Band Training

One of the newer systems of  powerlifting training involves the use of bands. Bands look like large, heavy duty rubber bands, which is sort of what they are.  They are very effective when attached to a ring on the bottom of a power rack and placed over a barbell. Use one or more bands at both ends of the bar to keep it balanced. The idea here is to load weight on the bar, say for the bench press, and then place the bands on the ends. As you press the weight up the resistance increases as the band stretches. This forces you to explode through the movement without momentum and places the highest, or peak resistance at the top of the movement where the peak contraction is causing maximum overload to your muscles. This leads to some of the best strength and muscle size gains depending on rep range and time under tension.

Of course, bands are very effective as “stand alone” training devices. They are very safe when properly used, and give a great peak contraction as well. You can do curls, presses, bench presses, triceps extensions and many other exercises. They are just another great tool to use in your training for maximum results. Look for future posts for effective routines to try.

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