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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is Web Racing?


The following excerpt is from a U.K. based website that explains a new way to enjoy the HIIT Routines we have been partaking in during our training sessions.  Go to the link by clicking on the title of this post for more info on this.

You connect your Webracing enabled exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine to the internet or to a local network. You can see and hear other connected racers. You race against them or train with them. Your performance statistics are recorded. It's fun, you are motivated!

Using a treadmill, static bike or rower Web Racing™ allows you to compete against worldwide athletes over the internet or simply against your own previous performances with a ghost rider. You can even take part in local, national or international events which award real prizes.
Whether you’re a serious competitor or a just-for-fun user, Web Racing can be enjoyed by anyone at any age and is a great way for the family to keep fit together. Web Racing can be enjoyed in a number of ways: go solo by creating a virtual training partner to challenge you or follow the guidance of your personal virtual coach who composes a workout just for you; race head to head with up to 4 users on the same network; or, for the ultimate Web Racing experience, race against up to 8 users across the globe using the internet, breaking down the barriers of time and space in your favorite competitive sport.


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