I have read alot of about Mentzer on this site with people pro and against his training ideas.But one glaring detail is anyone actually posting results of them being on the workout. I just purchased his latest book HIT the Mike Mentzer Way and was very impressed by his training methods and ideas. But A little background on myself. I'm not a newbie starting to workout. I as many here have hit a sticking point in training, being that i'm not growing in size or strength anymore.I have switched my training around many times.More days, different splits, more sets, different exercises, adding exercises,supersets etc. So even though I , after reading the Mike mentzer book, find it hard to workout every 3-7 days I'm going to try it out full bore.I will post my starting measurements since I have been on the workout almost 2 weeks now.

Arms Before 17 2/8 Now17 5/8 (all measured cold)
Thighs before 26 1/2 now 26 7/8
Chest before 46 1/2 now 47

Weights have gone up tremendously
I used to be able to do 20 45LB plates on the leg press for 6-7 up 1 sec down 2.Now Im doing 16 45lb plates with super strict form 16 reps with a 4 second negative with a 1 second pause at the bottom and 2 sec up. I am still feeling out the weights, and feel stronger at every workout, but it is tough mentally to go Hi intensity especially with leg training. 

Im incline benching 225 for 12 with as before 4 sec negative 1 sec pause at bottom and 2 secs up. Before I could only muster 185 for 8

I cannot compare the arm exercises because I was doing 8 reps each arm with 55lb dumbbells in strict form. Now for arms I do the reverse grip pull-downs with 165lb for 11 with the same 4 sec negative 1 sec pause at the bottom and 2 sec down. At this point I am still feeling out the weights to see what I can max out to. After the 165 set I felt I could have done more weight as with the leg presses.

One of the things maybe most who haven't tried the HIT but debunk its effectiveness is the fact of the 4 sec negatives the 1 sec pause at contraction and the 2 sec push/ pull depending on exercise. This is what makes the exercise so intense.intense. I'm breathing heavily, and can feel my heart pumping. The funny thing with HIT though with the 4 sec neg and the pause and 2 secs up if the fact the mind fights it all the way.The body tries to resist,and I feel this pushing my body to "no mans land" contributes to the overall results of the routine. I never felt this way doing volume.I feel that if I had tried to train this way while doing volume I would overtrain in a week easily.

In comparing to how I used to train,I feel the time the weight is actually being lifted up and down during the hit routine is actually the time it takes most people to do 2-3 sets in volume training.But I will see how this pans out and will post my progress as I go along. But here are my stats :

I have been training almost 4 years regularly, My Age is 28 My height is 6ft and my bodyweight is 220 I'm at 12% bf.

My overall opinion at this point is I like what I see with the tape measure
 and what I see with the weights, I still cannot get used to the time off between routines but I am getting used to the idea having a life outside the gym and seeing results. But all in all It is still early to tell.I think a full 6-8 weeks of this will be a good yardstick of measurement to see if the routine holds water or not.