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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Great static hold arm workout


Static hold training resembles isometric training to a point in that isometrics uses the muscles to pull or push against an immovable object while static contraction training the muscles hold a barbell, dumbbell or machine arm stationary against a heavy weight. 

That's where similarities end. The fact that static contraction uses weight resistance allows the user to keep track of the amount of weight used and any improvements made. 

While lacking a series of reps, static contraction causes the practitioner to pull or push against a weight to get it into position then hold the weight as long as he/she can, usually for 15-20 seconds if the proper amount of weight is being used. The fact that a weight resistance is being used in this way really differences the two methods of training and makes static contraction a superior system. 

The following is a great arm workout using the static contraction protocol:

  • barbell curls-1 set of 6, 10-second holds with a maximum weight
  • cable pull-downs palms-facing- 1 set of 6, 10-second holds with a maximum weight
  • triceps push-downs using ab crunch machine-1 set of 6, 10-second holds with a maximum weight
  • bar dips-1 set of 6, 10-second holds with a maximum weight
Use a heavy weight near the max you can hold for 10 seconds before the bar or arm begins to descend. Rest 10 seconds between holds and reduce the weight as necessary to compensate for breakdown of muscle strength.

The position of each hold should be the point of maximum exertion so a high volume of muscle fibers will be stimulated. 

The ab machine arms are great to use for the push downs in the following way- holding your elbows at your sides, push the arms of the machine straight down until the point just prior to lockout and hold.

Try this one out as an effective alternative to your normal training and I think you'll agree that it is very effective at maximizing muscle size and strength gains.

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