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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Maximizing Your Workout Effectiveness Using Rolling Static Partial Sets

This method is great for adding controlled intense contractions to your exercises using my Rolling Static Partial Rep technique. This system is a blend of slow, steady contractions, burn reps and static contractions coupled with partial reps. This is a very dynamic method designed to confuse muscle groups to quickly increase muscle growth.

The reason why I combined these methods into one system was because slow contractions keep stress on the muscles by avoiding the use of momentum to aid completion of reps. Burn reps add substantial muscle fiber action by "cramping" the muscle and static contractions cause a peak in muscle fiber recruitment by subjecting the muscles to maximum resistance during a 10-20 second motionless hold. By using partial reps in "zones", you are able to work each section completely and correct so-called sticking points.

To use my system in the machine bench press, load the machine with a weight that allows you to complete 12 reps to exhaustion in the usual manner. Begin by lowering the handles to your chest. Pause for one second before slowly pressing the handles several inches. Stop and perform 4-5 short burst "burn" reps. Continue to press for 4-5 inches, stop and hold the weight for a count of 10. Do several "burn" reps before pressing onward to the point just prior to lockout. Lower to the mid-point position in the exercise and do several reps in the upper half range. 

 Continue in this fashion by completely randomizing all of the "burn" reps, partial zones and static holds. Stop at different areas of the reps and do 10-20 second static holds. At the end of the set, if possible, have a training partner lift the weight into place for you so you can lower the weight to a count of 8 for several negative reps.

With the intensity this system provides, the ideal set count to use is one set per exercise, 2 exercises for small body parts and 3 for large body parts.

After doing these for a few sessions, they will become second nature and will become very effective for you.

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