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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rolling Static Partials

One of the methods that I have created to really tax the muscles and stimulate new muscular growth is a technique I call Rolling Static Partials. 
  Training with partial reps is a great way to work each zone individually to maximize strength in that portion of the rep. Many variations are possible, such as halves,thirds,quarters,etc.You have the option of training each zone exclusively during a set or working each of them during one set. One example is partial barbell curls. Lift a barbell from the beginning position until you reach the mid point. Pause for one second, then return to the start position. Repeat for the desired amount of reps. Now bring the bar to mid point, and from there curl the bar to the end, or top, position. Return the bar to the mid position and repeat for several more reps to complete the set. This technique is called halves for obvious reason. If you desire to do thirds, break the exercise into three zones and perform them the way I outlined for you for the halves , just split it into three portions. You get the idea, the combinations are endless.
  Static holds are another great way to train your muscles hard. Begin by loading the weight on the bar or machine much heavier than you normally do for an exercise. Lift the weight to the position just prior to lockout on an exercise such as the bench press or the position of maximum exertion in other exercises like barbell rows, curls, flyes,etc. Hold the weight in this position for 20 seconds, then return the weight to the start position. Rest 10m seconds, then repeat. Continue to do this for another six reps using weight that causes you to max out at 20 seconds. This consists of one set.
  Now we will add the two techniques together. To do this in the bench press, lift the bar 1/3rd of the way, hold for 10 seconds, pulse the bar up and down using very short, "burn" type pulse reps. Lift the bar to the point just prior to lockout, hold for 10 seconds, lower to mid point, hold for 10 seconds, then perform several "burn" pulse reps. Continue the set by pressing the bar to different zones in the movement, holding for 10 seconds, pressing further and doing additional "burn" reps until you hit muscular failure. Once you master my technique, you will thoroughly exhaust each muscle group using this technique for only two sets, one of two different exercises. The key is to use a weight heavy enough to completely exhaust the muscle with each set. You want to complete each rep under slow, deliberate control for a time under tension that is appropriate for the muscle group being trained.  See my postings on developing an appropriate time under tension for each individual muscle group.

Dave Groscup

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