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Monday, September 17, 2012

Training Biceps with predominately fast twitch fiber type

 After determining which fiber type is the predominate fiber type in your Biceps muscle you can better formulate the type of training session which will yield the best results. In this instance, we are going to assume you have mostly fast twitch fibers. 

Fast twitch fibers are best trained with a tut of 40-45 seconds. That is, the training set should last that amount of time. It isn't a problem if you deviate from that tut slightly, but that should be your goal. Fast twitch fibers  respond readily to resistance training by growing larger but tire quickly, so they have a low endurance unlike slow twitch fibers.

That doesn't mean however, that you should use fast movements during your set, that would likely lead to injury.  What we will do is show you how you can hit that tut by using different rep counts, speeds,etc.

Some examples of different workouts are:

Barbell curls-1 set tut 42 seconds, rep cadence  4/2 (7 reps)
Preacher curls with dumbbells-1 set tut 36 seconds, rep cadence 2/4 (6 reps)
Cable pull-downs-1 set tut 45 seconds, rep cadence 2/3 (9 reps)


Cable curls- 1 set tut 42 seconds, rep cadence 10/4(3 Superslow reps)
Incline dumbbell curls- 1 set tut 40 seconds, rep cadence 2/2 (10 reps)
Barbell rows palms-forward- 1 set tut 50 seconds, rep cadence 2/3 (10 reps)

***All sets should be taken to momentary muscular failure***

As you can see, you can alter the amount of reps per set by changing the rep speed which also has the advantage of confusing your muscles to new growth if you have been doing the same old rep cadence which they have gotten used to.

More on this later....


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