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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rep Range to develop Sarcoplasm in a Muscle

Sarcoplasm is the energy fluid contained in a muscle that is responsible for much of the hypertrophy, or increase of size, in a muscle. While low reps in a program in the neighborhood of 2-5,will lead to strength gains, with a lesser gain in muscle size, increased muscle size will be better realized using a rep range of 8-12 reps. This, along with low or no rest between sets, will cause a rush of fluid into the muscle, bringing nutrients necessary for growth, and will also stimulate an increase in the Sarcoplasmic Fluid. This fluid is one of the factors that contribute to the "look" of a bodybuilder in contrast to the physique, of say, a powerlifter.

An example of this for Chest Training is:


Pek Flyes, one set to failure, rep range 8-12 to failure, followed by several "burn" reps performed until inability to move the machine arms

Incline Bench Press, one set to failure, 8-12 reps, using the Negative-Accentuated Protocol

Standing Dips, Negative-Only, 8 reps to failure. Add weight via a dip belt as necessary. Continue the set until unable to effectively control the downward movement of your body.

Make sure to do this routine with absolutely no rest between exercises.


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