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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Triceps Band Training Routine

Last time I outlined an effective band training routine for our Biceps Muscles. As promised, here is a routine for our Triceps.

Triceps Extensions-Attach the resistance band or tube  to a door frame using an attachment adapter about four feet high. Close the door, grab the band with both hands behind you and , keeping your elbows stationary at the side of your head, extend your hands up in a Triceps Extension movement. Stop the movement just before lockout to keep tension on your muscles. Hold for one second, then lower and repeat. Do a total of 8 reps on this set to failure.

Superset with no rest between with the following:

Standing Band Pushdowns- Attach a band to a post or doorway using a door attachment adapter.  It should be about 6-8 inches above shoulder height. Doing one arm at a time, with your arm at your side, push the band straight down. This movement  closely resembles a dip motion. Stop the movement just before lockout. Do a total of 12-15 reps to failure.

Do a total  of one superset, rest 30 seconds, then do one final set of the pushdowns only. 

The reason I recommend  8 reps on the first and 12-15 reps  on the second is to train both aspects of muscle growth. The 8 reps trains primarily the Myofibrillar Hypertrophy, or muscle fiber increase, while the higher reps train Sarcoplasm Hypertrophy, or muscle fluid increase.

I will go into more detail on these last two aspects in a future post. Just let me say this is a very important topic as it relates to muscle size.


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