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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Partial Reps

Most trainees believe that you must do a full range of motion in an exercise for it to be productive but science has shown that not only isn't that the case but partial range of motion in an exercise can be very beneficial. Every exercise has a "sticking point" where your reps stop and you must terminate a set. This is the weak link in an exercise and it limits the amount of weight you can use in an exercise.  In the bench press, for instance, it is the point in the middle of the rep where you are most likely to come to a complete halt during your final rep. The other portions of the rep still have more capacity therefore it is obvious that the weight you are able to use in the bench press is limited by the middle section of the movement. The way to train past this and use heavier weight is to use a power rack and set the pins to work just the lower portion with a heavier weight than you are used to using. Do reps in this area and the strength in your pectorals and frontal delts will increase . The next step is to set the pins on the rack to train the upper portion, which is driven largely by your Triceps Muscles. You can use quite a bit more weight in this section as well. Once your muscles become used to using more weight you can return to the full range bench press and experience the ability to use more weight in the entire range. Try this to increase your bench and muscle growth!

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