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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Training Routines for Different Muscle Fiber Types-Legs

If we want to properly train our legs and they are predominately slow-twitch fiber, we could do the following routine:
Leg Extensions 1 set to failure, 12-15 reps
Leg Presses 1 set to failure with negative-accentuated reps, 15 reps
Leg Presses 1 set 12-15 partial range reps to failure. Work the middle range of the movement first  then the top third after that.
Lying Leg Curls 1 set to failure,12-15 reps
Stiff-Legged Dead-lifts 1 set 12 reps to failure
Standing Calf Raises 1 set 15-18 reps to failure
Seated Calf Raises 1 set 12 reps to failure

This an effective routine. There should be no rest between sets.