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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Going to Failure

One of the hottest topics in bodybuilding training is the subject of going to failure,in other words, continuing an exercise until no more reps are possible. When you see most bodybuilders,including the top champs, training they almost all perform an exercise to the point of one or two reps before failure. This allows them to continue with set after set of numerous exercises for each body part.  Routines of 20-30 sets per body part are very common in the magazines. One must remember, however, that these top bodybuilders are genetic "freaks" for one thing and are consuming large amounts of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. This enables them to dramatically overload their CNS, or Central Nervous System and "get away with it". For a time they will anyway. One of the keys to successful bodybuilding training is to train a muscle hard enough to stimulate growth but not unnecessarily tax the CNS. The ideal set volume varies with each individual due to conditioning,experience training,intensity of training and other variables. We will explore some methods to determine your ideal volume and rep scheme soon. http://www.personal-resistance-trainer.com/

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