Now Offering My Eight eBook Volume On HIT and Volume Bodybuilding Training

Now Offering My Eight eBook Volume On HIT and Volume Bodybuilding Training
Now on Amazon,Google Play,Nook and Kobo

A lot of very beneficial information.....Different HIT exercises I haven't heard of before” -W. Pruitt

Techniques in these books are Fantastic….would recommend to any and all HIT trainers” -A. Gutierrez

" Five star all the way. Every HIT training method is covered in these books. Love them” -J. Berndt

Finally a comprehensive volume of nine books on both High Intensity(HIT) and Volume Bodybuilding Training!

There are many unique training programs contained in my books that give bodybuilders new techniques to increase his/her muscle building potential.

Complete explanation of:

  • Pre-exhaust routines

  • Double pre-exhaust

  • Reverse pre-exhaust

  • Forced reps

  • Pure negatives

  • Negative accentuated

  • Superslow

  • Extended Reps

  • Static Holds

  • Isometrics

  • Zone partials

  • Burn reps

  • Rolling static partials

  • HIIT-Lose weight FAST with Interval Training!

  • Unilateral training- why it works better than traditional training

  • Why training smarter -not longer builds muscle faster!

  • How to implement Progressive Overload and Double Progressive Overload to Supercharge Muscle Gains

  • Learn how to determine the ideal training frequency for your body type

  • Which supplements to take to safely build lots of muscle

  • Much more!

All programs are fully-explained with complete workout routines for each different technique.

Stop Wasting Time and Effort-Build Maximum Muscle!

Available as single books on: Amazon,Createspace,Kobo,Nook,Google Play

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why eggs are a must-eat for bodybuilders

No one has ever doubted that eggs are nutritional powerhouses, and for this fact alone eggs are a must-eat for bodybuilders. It is widely agreed that because of the variety of amino acids in eggs, they are nature’s most perfect protein source. The protein that eggs contain is almost 100% digestible and usable by the body. For a hungry bodybuilder needing to take in a considerable amount of protein, eggs offer another benefit — they are inexpensive compared to other major protein sources such as meat and fish.
Not so many years ago, eggs topped the list of “don’t go there” foods because of their high level of dietary cholesterol. The American Heart Association (AHA) even put a cap on the number of egg yolks that should be consumed per week:  no more than four. That’s no longer the case, as the AHA changed its guidelines, based on heart-disease studies; they now de-emphasize placing a limit on eggs in favor of restricting total daily cholesterol intake. So, if you have normal cholesterol, consuming eggs on a regular basis should be OK. Keep in mind that cholesterol  could become a problem if you eat egg yolks as well as trans fats, saturated fats and other high cholesterol foods, which, as a bodybuilder, you should not be doing! However, if you are eating a varied diet rich in vegetables, fruits,  whole grains and lean meats, then consuming eggs regularly shouldn’t be a problem

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