Now Offering My Eight eBook Volume On HIT and Volume Bodybuilding Training

Now Offering My Eight eBook Volume On HIT and Volume Bodybuilding Training
Now on Amazon,Google Play,Nook and Kobo

A lot of very beneficial information.....Different HIT exercises I haven't heard of before” -W. Pruitt

Techniques in these books are Fantastic….would recommend to any and all HIT trainers” -A. Gutierrez

" Five star all the way. Every HIT training method is covered in these books. Love them” -J. Berndt

Finally a comprehensive volume of nine books on both High Intensity(HIT) and Volume Bodybuilding Training!

There are many unique training programs contained in my books that give bodybuilders new techniques to increase his/her muscle building potential.

Complete explanation of:

  • Pre-exhaust routines

  • Double pre-exhaust

  • Reverse pre-exhaust

  • Forced reps

  • Pure negatives

  • Negative accentuated

  • Superslow

  • Extended Reps

  • Static Holds

  • Isometrics

  • Zone partials

  • Burn reps

  • Rolling static partials

  • HIIT-Lose weight FAST with Interval Training!

  • Unilateral training- why it works better than traditional training

  • Why training smarter -not longer builds muscle faster!

  • How to implement Progressive Overload and Double Progressive Overload to Supercharge Muscle Gains

  • Learn how to determine the ideal training frequency for your body type

  • Which supplements to take to safely build lots of muscle

  • Much more!

All programs are fully-explained with complete workout routines for each different technique.

Stop Wasting Time and Effort-Build Maximum Muscle!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Avoiding Injuries

What is the best way or ways to avoid injury when restarting a sport in the spring? 

This is a common issue for sports enthusiasts who don’t properly maintain fitness levels in the off season and certainly includes weekend warriors. This reinforces the importance of maintaining an adequate level of conditioning to both live a healthy life and enjoy partaking in sports such as tennis and golf.

A fitness program designed to both prevent injuries and help provide sports enjoyment should include stretching, aerobic and strength training. Some of the common areas for injuries are the shoulders, elbows and hips, therefore some of the training focus should be on strengthening these areas. There are exercises that will build up these areas involving the use of dumbbells and bands.

For the shoulders hold a light dumbbell in each hand and rotate it in a clockwise motion while holding it at shoulder height to train the rotator cuff area.  Reverse direction and do a series of rotations in that direction.

For the hips attach a cable from a cable machine to your ankle and do a series of side, rear and frontal extensions to develop strength and flexibility.

To strengthen the elbow region use dumbbell curls, strength band triceps extensions and wrist rotations using an iron grip twisting tool ,available at sporting goods stores.

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